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Seacliff Soccer Club was sponsored by Seacliff Mental Hospital.  When new arrivals by ship at Port Charmers recruited soccer players from the U.K.  The Management at Seacliff Hospital developed their Soccer Club to compete in the National Knockout Soccer Competition known at the Chatham Cup.  The cup was donated by the staff of H.M.S.  Chatham for the hospitality they received when visiting New Zealand.  The competition was based on the English Cup with the final at Wembley U.K.Annuany.

Seacliff played Wellington YMCA in the first national final in 1923 in Wellington.  The result Seacliff won the final 4-0.  In the mid 60's Paul Maindonald was appointed Recreation Director of the Seacliff Group of Hospitals at Cherry Farm.  Paul Maindonald with assistance from hospital staff brought the Seacliff Soccer out of recess.

The press reported in the Otago Daily Times-

"Seacliff's first social function since the club emerged from recess was an outstanding success.  Two men who were members of Seacliff some 40 years ago, Bill Simmons and George Anderson, were honoured guests.  George Anderson was an international in 1924 and (I Think) 1927.  The chairman of the O.F.A., Mr.A Ovens, attended the function and presented the trophy to the most outstanding player of the year, John Wanrooy, Seacliff's goalkeeper.  The president of Seacliff club, Mr. P. Maindonald, thanked both Mr. Simmons and Mr. Anderson for their long interest and the inspiration they had been to the younger members of the club."

Porirua Soccer Club Near Wellington with 35 teams.  Paul Maindonald was a senior coach and presented a trophy for Soccer achievements to the Porirua College.

Paul Maindonald played Representative Cricket for Buller - South Island N.Z and the played for Sydnenham and finished the Season scoring over 1000 runs.
Paul Maindonald moved to play for the Grange Cricket Club in Dunedin and became the third secretary in 40 years.

In a Senior cricket match between Grange and Dunedin Cricket Club on the North Ground Dunedin.

Fran Cameron the proven NZ fast bowler bowled a bouncer at Paul Maindonald who hooked Cameron over the trees for six in fading light.

On a return road trip from invercargill to Dunedin early on a Saturday morning was hit by a tractor from a side road in Cork.  There were no buses and Paul Maindonal was a not out batsman from the previous week son he took a taxi and the umpires were walking out to the middle.  He change quickly and batted on.  The Club compensated 50% of the taxi fare.






•  International Police Association NSW Branch
•  City of Sydney R.S.L
•  Hurstville R.S.L – Former Secretary Sub Branch R.S.L
•  Sleep Disorders of Australia NSW Branch
•  Parramatta R.S.L –Donald Oil Trophy in honour of Snowy Robbins presented for the 26th occasion 5th November 2011 to winner Raymond Wheatley O.A.M at Ashfield RSL Club Ashfield Sydney.

Paul Maindonald



Director: Concorde Petroleum Company Pty Ltd
Subsidiary: Donald Oil International EST. 1983

Photo shows presentation to winner
by Paul Maindonald CEO Donald Oil International.

•  Played and later became involved in Administration of Cricket and Soccer
•  Otago Football ASSN. Secretary and Treasurer
•  National University Soccer Selector
•  Senior Selector and Coach Green Island Soccer Club Dunedin N.Z
•  Cricket – Buller Rep. N.Z. scored over 1,000 in 1964 season

•  Chairman of The Australian Cricketer of the year 1972, Tour of England - Dennis Lillie winner of the award
•  1973, Public Relations Officer for the above function - the winner being Ian Chappell
•  1990, Administration Manager for Wollongong Macedonia in the National Soccer League
•  St. Kilda Soccer Club Dunedin - Senior Trainer
•  Western Soccer Club - Sydney - Trainer
•  2000, Volunteer Security Officer NSW Police, Sydney Olympics

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