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AVELING 1880-85 4 HP. RG.

Paul Maindonald, originated in New Zealand and after marketing a US lubricant product from 1980 to 1982, decided to form Donald Oil International and parent company Concorde Petroleum company Pty Ltd.

Donald Oil products have been sold in most parts of Australia. In 1997, Concorde Petroleum Company was developed part of marketing motor oil generally it has made noted success with the Stop Smoke 25W60 product packaged in a 4 litre container. With a litre of Donald Oil 3IN1 Gold can be a system plan for worn motors.
The company is located at 48 Evans Road, Dundas Valley, 2117 NSW. Competent distributors have been appointed in most states for selling Donald Oil & Concorde products for many years.
Numerous governmental and private organizations pursuing air pollution alleviation are all impressed with the 24.1% reduction in Carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases emission when using Donald Oil products.
Donald Oil products are also proven to extend the motoring life of most vehicles and reduce oil leaks and improve compression.

In 2002, a NSW governmental organization tested the emission of carbon monoxide using a same motor vehicle and same oil on the same day without and with Donald Oil. The result was a reduction of 24.1% in poisonous carbon monoxide.

The director, Paul Maindonald of Donald Oil International, said the difference in reduction of over 24% was a proud achievement for the company. Many distributors and motorists have expressed an extension of motoring before overhauling the motor. Mr Maindonlad said many families with limited disposable income welcome the help that we offer.